INKspired Sketch 13

Hello everyone, what a great time I have had doing this blog hop, had originally not known what I would do, then like a bolt of thunder or should I say the rainbow that we have after the rain shown down.  See below what I have done this fortnight.

If your landed here from another member, you have most likely come here from the very talented Teneale and I wonder what she has in stall for us this week.

Blog Hop 13 SketchWe were required to use quite a flat card, with just a small couple of flags at the top and a strip at the top.  Lets see if I have been able to get it together.



INKspired Sketch #INK013

I choose to use the Big News Stamp Set after I had made the base of my card in the newest craze that is called Bokeh.  Its really quite easy, but can be messy.  Hey that’s what makes stamping fun isn’t it?  First you need to decide on your colours and that might depend on what Reinkers you have on hand.  You will need your aqua painter and a small glass of water on hand and your water colour paper.  Putting a small amount of each of the colours down on a flat plate and blend with a drop of water from your aqua painter.

I folded 3 sheets of paper towel then placed my water colour paper on this as your going to drop water on top of your water colour paper to make it really wet.  Next choose one of your lighter colours and dipping your aqua painter into it, then take the brush to your paper and start to paint it where you want it to go.  Do this with the other two colours and watch the mingle together if they being to flow on the edges grab your paper towel and wipe them.  You need to let this completely dry before any more of the steps are done.  Think that’s enough dribble don’t you?  There are a great many instructions out there if you google them, if you really want to know I can tell you, but you need to ask?


Plus I want to go to bed.  By for now and please pop over to see what Cherri has in store for you.

INKspired next blog

Plus see below some of the products that I have used, should you want to purchase any of them, buy clicking on the item it takes you directly to my shop where you can purchase any items and have them shipped straight to your place.


12 thoughts on “INKspired Sketch 13

  1. You and Narelle had the same thought process this week…great minds think alike! 🙂
    Great demonstration of bokeh technique and love the added bling strip across the top. You certainly created a ‘rainbow’ with your happy card. Lou xo

  2. Love your take on this technique Barb. The colours are awesome and I love the little touch of bling too!

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