A little bit of Cowboy in all of us

SONY DSCA fun card that we made in class last year, I discovered lots of cards that I hadn’t posted when Pat and I sat down on Sunday to make some cards for a special little person who is in need of some cards to sell.

We reminisced about whether a card was cute, if we enjoyed making it and the colours among other things.  We thought if the colours were changed this could very easily become a girl card.  This time of card can be either a child or an adult, either male or female species.

Do you want to know how we made it?  Yeap of course you do.  Firstly stamp the palings on a sheet of cardstock, then using your oval accent Bigz Clear Die, cut out the shape, this will become your door, so you need have the door to open, just cut it in the middle and some of the bottom of it.  Now it looks like a saloon door don’t you think?  You will need to stamp and cut out some pieces to make the door frame.  I used some of my off cuts from other projects.

Next you just need to stamp out some stars and cut them out using the Star Framelits and perhaps a little sentiment too.  I do hope you like this card and below are the three main items I used.


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