Welcome to 2019

Hello everyone, just thought I would pop in and let you all know that our 4th Saturday is starting this month. Some of my Friday ladies have already started their morning class and was so excited to be back at classes.

Our 4th Saturday falls on Australia Day, 26 January at 1.30pm, this same class in 2019 will be also running on the Sunday morning at 10am for anyone who cannot make the Saturday. So that means if you have to work, do sports, shopping or something else you still can.

Now as its Australia Day, I thought we might make something with an Australian Theme.

We are also starting a new class this year which will need to be prepaid at least 2 weeks before so that the supplies can be ordered.

It will be a product suite out of the Occasion’s Catalogue 2019, in this class you will get a quarter share of the consumables of the Suite, we will supply the stamps and dies for you to use on the day.

Its different, its exciting and new and everyone will go home with more product to make cards at home.

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