INKspired Artists Blog Hop 42

Welcome to the fortnightly bloghop for the INKspired Artists lead by Teneale, and I can tell you I didn’t love it at all.  If your just started here, Welcome and your most like come from the pink girl, Louise who always seems to be able to produce in pink.


I must have, no I did sit for hours going through the catalogue trying to find a stamp set that would fit the sketch, it need to be a shape and then a sentiment to the side.  Well that’s what I thought anyway, lets see if I got it right.


Looks ok, yeap got the circle and the words to the side.  but hey wait, does it look right?  Lets go look at the whole card, will we.

Bloghop 42

Well I think it might have fallen over, see the top is the side with the paper, yet the shape and sentiment are the right way.  Oh well, lovely card anyway.

Hope you enjoy it.

Now your off to see what another young talented stamper is upto.  Renee’

INKspired next blog


These are the products that I used: you can purchase any of them from my shop by clicking on any item.

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