Fox on the run


Yet another Life in the Forest card.  This was the second card we made in class on Friday, such a cute little card.  Whilst I gave the ladies a simple version, I was amazed at how they all put their own cards together, I couldn’t say its a quick card, it took them 2 hours, there was quietness in the room as they all concentrated on their stamping cutting, piecing and colouring.  Opps forgot making their own grass, some ladies just decided that they liked ripping better and sponging the grass.

They did however ask why they couldn’t have used the Tree PUNCH instead of cutting.  giggle giggle.

Below are the items I used, should you want to purchase the stamps and if you need any other items, you can click on it and it will take you right to my shop where you can purchase your items. Thanks for looking and have fun Stamping.

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