Santa, He is Making a List

Santa (2)

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus. As a child the year seemed to drag until Christmas Time came around and my mum, God Bless her always tried to make it special for us, as if my dad had his way this would have been a none event. I have always been very fortunate that my husband didn’t feel the same as he knew how much this had upset me as a child and he always encouraged me to get what every I wanted our children,

For years I have been wanting to make a Santa that was a bit furry lol. Now I have finally got my own way and yes he is furry. The girls in my class on Friday are in for a treat making this card.

2 thoughts on “Santa, He is Making a List

    1. I loved him and think I will do some more. The girls missed you last week and all said how good you are at making the cards. Keep in touch with us. We will continue with classes even in School Holidays.

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