Sew Un-forgettable

This is the card that caused me so much stress last week, for you that remember I had gone off to a workshop.  Now this is something that you never do, allow your husband to take your workshop bags or boxes, or anything related to your workshopout to the car for you.  I normally say, Don’t, I can do it, but on this day I was trying to keep the peace……………….yeah, hard for me.  So I allowed my husband to cart my gear to the car.

Rocked up to the workshop and after being greeted by Jenny and John, started to set up for the workshop.  That’s when I discovered that I only had one set of stamps but had packed cardstock for two designs.

One set I thought to myself, how can I possibly do a workshop, cannot get anyone to bring them too me as at this time I didn’t know were they were.   Anyway all’s well that ends well, we substituted some of the stamps in the first card and then the ladies stamped some of theirs with the butter fly out of the bliss stamp set.

Hope you like this card, it was a similar one to what the talented Teneale Williams made, only less chunky, much less chunky.

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