12 Weeks of Christmas Part 3

12 Weeks of Christmas With Barbara and Teneale Williams

Welcome to week three of our bouncing hop.  Love the set that we have chosen to use this week as the little houses remind us all of the just what its like to have a family and friends to share with.

For me, firstly a lovely friend of mine lost her husband after a long battle with his health.  My heart is sad for her, yet she will be ok because of family and friends.  See hearts do come home, love this set.

For me personally, it reminds me just how lucky I am to have my family and the love, sharing and caring that has happened this week for me personally reminds me of the true spirit of our hearts come home, not just for Christmas but also in times of stress.

My husband was rushed to hospital yesterday morning after having a seizure and then out to it for 40 minutes, thankfully he is ok and I was able to bring him home today.  Its the first time in 20 years that I felt like they knew what was happening to him.  Tonight in our little home, my family gathered to be grateful for that and to celebration a birthday of a special little girl, who turned 8 yesterday.

See hearts come home in good times and sad times, so again I think you will agree this is a great set.

No card is complete without an inside, so here it is.

Joy to the world, every day.  Love and am so very grateful for family and friends.

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