Wisteria Wonder

 Here is the Rose Wonder Stamp Set and I used Wisteria Wonder as my main color to water-color the card.  If your new to water coloring, start of with a really light mix of water and ink.  I use my reinkers in a small plate, allowing me to mix it out to the side of dish and have enough to color the whole flower with the one color then mix some more in another spot that will enable me to put some extra toning on the petals.

Why not try it, it’s a lot of fun.

Watercolour Rose


Spent the weekend coloring in on some ufo’s, how many of us have them?  I found over 20 that I hadn’t put inside into and another 5 that we just fronts waiting for me to add a little color to.
I had used the Rose Wonder Stamp Set, which retails for 54.00 however if you just love Thinlits Dies, then the bundle is for you, for 85.75 you can get both the Die and the Stamp set.
I used Stampin’ Up! shimmer Paper and my aqua pen to color the rose, such a relaxing time I had that I even when ahead to do one in Wisteria Wonder.  Will show it next blog hop.