INKspired Blog Hop Sketch 17

Wow what a busy week I have had to arrive here to day.   You have most likely arrived here from my lovely upline Teneale Williams.  She also had been busy busy busy this week.

Moving right along, here is the sketch that she had created for us, really a lovely simple sketch that you can use for any of those quick cards we so often need to produce.


Blog Hop 17

This weeks sketch is a quite a straight forward design and I knew what I would be doing straight way.  Whilst we had been on convention a few weeks ago, my granddaughter Bailey had raided my craft desk to make me a welcome home card, now how cute is that?

She chose the set called “Big on You”, its a great stamp set with for large sayings on it.  One of the sayings is “It’s your day”, now how nice would that be embossed on a wedding card, another is “so very kind of you” another great card that you could use to thank some one for a kind act.  Anyway Bailey chose the “I Do Love You”, she stamped it onto a white card base and then put some love hearts around it, using freestyle.

So lets see what I have done.

Blah Blah Blah


By Barbara Williams | INKspired Blog Hop 17 |

In June I will have been married for 45 years, years have flown and it hasn’t always been easy yet we have produced to beautiful daughters and have two wonderful grand children.  Life is good and there is lots of love and laughter around us.

I thought this card would be perfect to give to John for that day, what do you think?

Don’t forget to leave a comment, we love to know what you think.

I wonder what Cherie Davies has in store for us today, I just love hopping around seeing what they have all made and leaving each of them a comment.



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INKspired Blog Hop Sketch 16

Hard to believe that yet another fortnight had rolled by………………ops its a month, because we missed one fortnight, all of us were too busy getting ready for Stampin’ Up! Conference in the Sunny Gold Coast. Let me tell you it wasn’t sunny, however most of the company was sunny with excitement. Lots of great new product coming as well as new colours. So excited to show you some of them.

Now if your landed here from the Australian Artisan for Stampin’ Up! the fabulous and very talented Teneale Williams, am sure that you loved what she had created for you.

She always wants her team to reach out and expand the creativity that she knows we all have within us, this week is no exception.  Lets look at her sketch and see if we can exceed her expectations.

Blog Hop 16

Who’s excited to see some new colours, I know I was sad to see this years colours go, I loved the soft colours and for a while didn’t think I would like any colours that might take their place……

I should have trusted Stampin’ Up! and known that they wouldn’t let us down.  I love the new colours and decided to use them in my card for this week, hope you like them as much as I do.  One is called Mint Macaron and the other Delightful Dijon.  I will leave this up to you to work out which is which, until their release on the 3rd June 2015.


By Barbara Williams | World of Dreams from Stampin' Up!

Here is inside the card:

By Barbara Williams | World of Dreams from Stampin' Up!


Next your off to see what clever Cherie has made for you.  I say clever as the last hop that we did I loved the card that she had and this was one she used for the Stampin’ Up! Convention, I was lucky enough to get one and as I do each year I love to show my ladies on my Friday morning class what I brought back with me from conference, well they all loved what Cherrie had made and asked if they could make this in one of their classes. Hi praise there Cherie Davies.

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Convention Swap 2015 – Wedding Day

SONY DSCI love making wedding cards, don’t you?  I recently attended the Stampin’ Up! conference on the Gold Coast with the Fabulous INKSpired Stamping Team lead by Teneale Williams.

This was one of the swaps that I made and swapped with other lovely demonstrators.  If you think of selling out, then that’s what I did, none left at the end of the day.  Wow I made 50 and gave them all away for some other awesome cards.

Here is a list of the items I used.  Enjoy